We offer a 2 year limited warranty for all MOXOM products with the exception of our cables, for which we offer a 5 year warranty. Both warranties cover any manufacturing or workmanship defects but do not cover damages that may have resulted from normal wear and tear, misuse/abuse, or modification of the product.
We cannot guarantee that the exact style or product for claim will be in stock at the time that your warranty claim is processed, but we wouldn't want you to be left empty handed!
MOXOM will not be liable for any damages that may result from the use of any MOXOM product. Our warranty does not cover the repair or replacement of property such as electronic devices and/or other personal property.
MOXOM allows one (1) warranty claim per purchased product if said product is within our 2 year warranty (5 year warranty for cables).
*Photos help a lot! If you submit a warranty claim, please include a photo or two of the item so we can better understand the issue.
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